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    Jodi Reeves Life - my place to share, connect and support others on a journey of self discovery.

    Who are you?

    What do you like?

    What do you want out of life?

    What is important to you?

    What do you desire?

    What are your strengths?

    What are you challenges?


    Seemingly simple questions that many of us don't know the answer to.


    Does life ever feel a bit like a merry go round you just can't get off?


    Do you sometimes feel like life is happening to you and your wants and desires, if you even know what they are, just don't matter?


    Do you feel invisible, unheard?


    Do you feel like there just has to be more to life but you can't work out how to change your current reality or get out of the place you are in?


    Do you feel like you deserve more but then feel guilty because you 'should' be thankful for what you have?


    Do you ever feel the real you is inside you, dying to get out, but you just aren't sure how to let her/him out? Or maybe you are scared what people will think, how they will react if they see the real you?


    Or maybe you have forgotten who you really are?


    I have felt all of this and more. I have hidden. I have pretended. I have denied my feelings and my desires. I have shown the world a person I didn't even really know. I have tried to guess who others want me to be or expect me to be. And in this process I completely lost sight of who I was, I had no idea who this person I called self was.


    Over many years and a lot of searching and personal exploration I have reconnected with me, really connected, I have rediscovered who I am. I have rebuilt my relationship and connection with self. I continue to nurture this relationship everyday. I have rediscovered my passions. I live a life with purpose, I embrace my emotions and I am finally living life. Really living!!!


    During my journey to self I rediscovered my love of Life Coaching and have been privileged to support others on their journey. I have studied and learned from the best school in the world ......life!! I call on my innate wisdom daily to help and support others.


    I now share my intuitive gifts, knowledge and wisdom to help others rediscover and reconnect with themselves, navigate the inevitable transitions in life and build the life they desire .... the life they deserve!!


    Jodi Reeves Life is the perfect place for those who know there is more to life, who know deep down they are worth more, even when they are constantly plagued by doubt, and for those who are prepared to take control and work on creating the life they dream of or even the life they aren't yet game to dream of!!!!


    Each of us are on a unique journey and I am honoured to provide guided, intuitive, individual, loving support.


    I can be your greatest cheer leader.

    The support you had no idea you needed.

    A shoulder to cry on, an unbiased ear, the voice of reason, the deliverer of wisdom and the gentle push you need.


    So many of us have lost our connection to self and written life stories for ourselves that just aren't serving our highest good.


    It is time to get to know YOU, to connect to the universal source and rewrite your life story, write the story you desire, so you can live the life you always dreamed of, or maybe the life you weren't even game to dream of!!


    At Jodi Reeves Life you will find a safe place to share, a nurturing space to explore you and the universal energies around you, the support to grow in confidence and clarity and the gentle nudge needed to push yourself and finally be all you are capable of being.


    Change can take time, and self discovery can be confronting but in a supportive space you can achieve the change you desire.


    It is time to live life to your full potential and that begins with YOU!!!


    You can follow me on Facebook or check out my services on this website.



    Here is what some of Jodi's clients have had to say:


    "I have been working with Jodi since September 2016. During that time I have become a new person. Jodi did for me what tens of hours and thousands of dollars in therapy could not do. Jodi is kind, but real and will tell you what needs to be said, not just what you want to hear. Jodi is honest and non judgemental so it's easy to open up and deal with the issues holding you back. Jodi taught me the tools needed to move through my past and look forward to my future. Jodis programs are invaluable to self growth. I have done all the programs Jodi offers and am currently in the Life Mastery group with the added extra of one on one mentoring. All Jodis programs are super affordable and you get way more than your moneys worth. I can't recommend Jodi or her programs any more highly. If you want to have a better, happier and more hopeful future jump in and see just how great Jodi is."


    "You never cease to amaze me Jodi.
    You know me better than I know myself.
    Maybe I do know myself but I don't see it, admit it or acknowledge it till you bring it to my attention.
    Thanks again Jodi. I really appreciate all you do for me."


    "Wow!! So much in there I can relate to! This reading gives me peace and reassurance that I am on the right path. Thank you so much Jodi xx"


    "Worth every single cent. Super packed value for money. I can personally recommend Jodis services, she has literally helped me change my life"


    "Thank you so much Jodi. Its very reassuring receiving this message. Very much at a few crossroads, but running on burn out I've been nervous to make any decisions right now, instead take my break, rest; recharge & when rested re-evaluate then "

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