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3 Days in Kuta

Day 9, 10 and 11

The pace of Kuta is different, so different to Bondelum.I know, I know, of course it is what would you expect!!!! For the first few days though it kept shocking me!!!!

I have a lot to catch up on as I am just not getting the chance to sit and write. This is good in a way as it has really reinforced within me that I love writing, everyday, I loved the time I had in Bondelum to just sit and write each morning while there, this is what I need to incorporate into my days at home.

I have been playing with writing for sometime now, talking about getting long dreamed about books written and published, promising myself I will write my blogs regularly. Life seems to get in the way as well as my own doubts and I just don’t do it. I could give you all the reasons under the sun as to why I haven’t but really they are just excuses. They keep me safe. Safe from trying. Safe from failing. And safe from being laughed at or judged by others. It is time though to follow what I love to do, the thing that is fairly easy to me. When I decide to sit and write I wonder what on earth I will write about. I have no idea, but then as I type of pick up the pen something comes and if I allow it to just flow without worrying what others will think and write from my own heart it seems people like it and I enjoy doing it.

Not only do I enjoy doing it I feel fulfilled after I have done I think is a sign you are on the right parts, your path!!

For now though back to Bali.

On day 9 or our second full day in Kuta we had planned to spend the day at Waterbom.

We bought tickets from a ticket seller on the street near the hotel. They weren’t hugely cheaper but definitely cheaper than I could get online and with 15 people every little bit adds up. I also thought it meant that he would make a small amount of money from our tickets as well. This young guy works from 9.00am until around 10.00pm depending on how busy it is. He says he works 7 days which I doubted but so far he has been there every day!

We stared with breakfast at the buffet which has been the same each day but is certainly adequate. There is a lovely outlook from the outside area.

We arrived at Waterbom at 8.50 and lined up, the line wasn’t very long.

As soon as we entered I went down to hire a cabana. By the time I got there they said there were 6 small cabanas and 1 large family one left. We just hired a small one. We just wanted a base for everyone and a shady spot to lay down if anyone needed. I think it is well worth the 250,000.

You must be able to book the cabanas online somehow as so many were reserved yet they had no one at them. I tried to do this but I just couldn’t work out how. I asked on trip advisor but didn’t get any responses other than look on their website. Not sure what I was missing but I couldn’t find it. Maybe if you book tickets online it comes up as an option. I can see that during busy times it would be very hard to get a cabana. Many remained empty all day even though they said there were only 3 left when I got ours and I know one got booked straight after me.

Everyone really enjoyed Waterbom, just like we remembered. By about 2.00 many of us had had enough and we left about 3.00. Overall a really fun day though.

We went to sky garden for dinner. We left the hotel about 4.30 and decided to walk as it really isn’t that far but after oNot a few metres we realised a few of us were chafed and decided to get taxis. I quickly gathered everyone and said we would need 4 taxis, make sure you get e Blue Bird Group taxi and when you get in tell them to put the metre on just to be sure. I then went to flag the first taxi which didn’t take long. As I did this an older man jumped up and said no no no. Don’t use the metre they will rip you off, negotiate your price no more than 30,000 to get there.

Stupidly I listened. My lack of confidence kicked in, maybe I am wrong, he seems to know what he is talking about. So we did what he said as he sat behind us instructing us what to do and what to say while we tried to negotiate 4 taxis on the street in Kuta at 4.30 in the afternoon.

It was mayhem, holding up traffic. Saying we would only pay 30,000 while driver after driver said no.

The man kept insisting we stick to our guns!!

It didn’t talke long to get one, which happen to be a blue bird anyway. And my husband jumped in with 3 kids. Then Janelle got another with 3 more more kids. Half of us were on our way.

After a few tries I got feed up and we decided to get two blue birds and just check the meter was on.

Well lesson learnt. We arrived and the metre read 13, 750!!!!!!

All that mucking around thanks to me listening to someone who seemed to know more then me and it was considerably cheaper for me to just do what I knew was the right thing!!!!

We arrived at sky garden and janelles taxi still hadn’t arrived. We waited and waited, still they didn’t arrive. As we waited janelles 16 year old daughter who has been in the first taxi realised she had left her bag in the taxi!!!

I had no idea what to do, the lady on the door didn’t seem to understand what I was saying.

To cut a very long story short we went upstairs to guest relations and they called blue bird for us and explained the situation. They put a radio message out to all taxis, we left out details with them. We didn’t hold much hope of ever seeing the bag again. We had no idea of the drivers name or ID number which in would have made it easier. It made me wonder is it worth taking a photo of their I’d each time you get in a taxi or is that just overkill.

We went back downstairs and still the taxi that left Kuta second was not there. Some of us were getting worried, it had been 30 minutes by now. It was at this point I thought what don’t we all have SIM cards!!!!!!

40 minut s after we arrived and a lot of pacing the street and wondering what on earth could have happened they arrived. The driver wanted 90,000 for the trip!!!!

He had taken them on some round about who knows what route. I think it was the blue taxis that start with n. I think Ngurah or something like that. The driver was horrible. They refused to pay it, he got very angry. Janelle paid him 50,000 and refused anymore. That was still well above what the trip was worth and he had wasted their time and put us all through a lot of stress!!!!

Blue Bird Group!!!!! It has been said before and I will say it again. Get Blue Bird, the real one!!! And don’t be fooled Blue Brio is not blue bird.

Finally we were sitting down and after all the taxi dramas we enjoyed a few drinks.

Sky garden is incredible value. Just over 100,000 per person for all you can eat and drink for 4 hours. I don’t think the food is great, in fact I would say it is fairly ordinary, but the kids certainly filled up!!! And with drinks included it is just so cheap.

I don’t think I would race back but you cannot deny the value. I don’t eat meat and there weren’t a lot of options for me but again I just can’t believe the value. I know, I know I have already said that but it still really surprises me.

It was busy but not crowded as they don’t cram the tables it and with all the open sides there was a nice breeze.

we walked home, no one was keen to get in taxis!!! We walked through poppies 2 so a lot more shopping.

Cheap football shorts meant chaffing wasn’t a problem on the way home.

Yes that is four of the same bag.

Yes they are all hers.

And yes she still got asked to buy more!!!!

The next day was an earlier start. Were were picked up at 7.45 for a bike ride up near Ubud.

We went with Banyan Tree. Cling Tours. We used this company in 2010 when they were very new and loved it so didn’t even consider using another company. Bagi, the owner is so easy to deal with over email. He is helpful and quick to respond.

I didn’t really get any photos on my phone of the bike ride. I have a lot on my camera which I can’t download until I get home.

It was a great day, the ride is fairly easy but there are some hills. We had 4 guides for our group of 15 as well as a truck following. There is always someone to help. We stopped at a rice field and Bagi talked about rice and how it grown etc. this stop wasn’t to long though. We walked through a family compound ( I think this is what they call them). We also stopped at a cafe plantation but again it wasn’t a long stop and was actually really nice to try all the teas and coffees. There was no pressure to buy.

We then walked through the jungle. I loved the walk. Some of the kids opted to drive this part and between blisters, chaffing and a sprained ankle I am glad they did as the walk had a very steep ending!!!

the tour ends at Bagi’s house where his wife cooks an amazing lunch. A few of our group say the date sticks are the best so far!!!! The food and hospitality are a great way to end a fun tour. We then headed back to Kuta.

The down side of Kuta is how busy the traffic is. The streets aren’t that busy with people and the shops and restaurants are really quiet but the traffic!!! Getting back into Kuta really is a nightmare. It takes so long. It is enough to make you not want to go anywhere. It is also a great reason to stay at sanur which is easier and quicker to get in and out of.

That late afternoon and evening we swam and enjoyed the sunset from the hotel and then ate close to the hotel. We didn’t feel like venturing very far.

The shopping continues wherever we go. I have lost track of everyone’s purchases. We have made both friends and enemies of people in the shops. This isn’t omething I love but some get very aggresive and so offended when you don’t buy or won’t agree to their price.

Sunday, day 11, began with the four adults going for a lovely walk at about 6.00am. We walked south from the resort along the beach, it is always such a lovely time of the morning.

After breakfast a few of us did the fish spa thing you see around. I always shreak a little like a small girl when I first put my feet in as the feeling is always so weird!!!! After a short time thoug I gather myself and quite enjoy it.

we decide to go to Seminyak for a look? Some of the group wanted to be back to watch a game of NRL and we thought we had plenty of time.

There where two drivers at the hotel and we decided to just take them as it was far easier. We wanted to go to Potato Head and they said they would drop us at the Bintang Bar and it was a short walk.

Well the Bintang Bar ended up being The Bintang supermarket and the walk was not short or easy.

We walked down to the beach and then asked how far and I can’t recall how long they said but it was a long way!!! We ended up f

Getting more drivers and finally arrived at Potato Head. By this stage most of us were well and truly over it. A few of the girls were quite excited to be there as their have seen Potato Head in social media so often. They ended up taking about 200 photos!!!

We had a quick swim and it was 12.30pm before we knew it. We decided to leave so we got back to sports bar in time for the game. Thankfully we left when we did. We got transport through Potato Head and it took over an hour!!!!

Getting back in to Kuta after about 11.00am is really a nightmare. It just takes so long and does put a bit of a dampener on getting out and about.

At least the girls enjoyed their experience and will probably be posting the photos for months to come!!!!

After a bit of a disappointing morning and attempt to see Seminyak and a not so fabulous sports bar for lunch we headed down Kuta Beach to Bob’s Beach Bar for some cool drinks. These makeshift bars are fun. The ladies returned quickly with their offerings. It annoys some of us and delights others!!

We couldn’t believe the number of people on the beach. We got there at about 5.00 and there wasn’t too many but by sunset I am sure there were thousands!!!!!

Not too busy when we first left the resort, it didn’t take long to fill up though!!!!!

Look at all the people!!!! No wonder the traffic gets chaotic.

We decided to eat at one of the beach warnings not too far along the beach.

It was great food and very cheap. Our family of 6 with drinks and our son ordered two main meals, was just on 500,000.

And just like that another day was over. The days are really flying by.

Hopefully I will get these blogs up to date very soon!!! But for now I am off to enjoy my seafood pizza by the pool. Until next time :)

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