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Another Day in Paradise

Day Three

I slept in a little today.

I didn’t get up until 4.45!!!!

I know I will sleep a little bit later each day.

It is a double edged sword.

I love the peace and quiet of the early mornings, the sunsets alone are worth it but I am on holidays and would also love to sleep in a little. I tried this morning, I really tried, I think I lay in bed for over 1/2 hours willing myself self back to sleep but it wasn’ to be and let’s be honest, there are worse problems to have!!!!

Each morning, within minutes of opening the door and sitting on the veranda the over night security guard walks past. His gentle ‘good morning’ usualy scares the pants off me, this morning I nearly jumped off my chair, but it is nice to know he is awake and aware of what of is going on and not sleeping in a room somewhere out the back!!!

The first night we were here we all went to bed. My three older kids are in a villa, there is a garden area between the two villas, they are very close, and my husband, youngest daughter and myself are in the main villa. The older kids went to their villa and sat up a for little while. When they decided to go to bed two of them where still awake. There are timber French doors opening onto the verandas. These were shut but not locked and they thought they should lock them.

In their attempts to do this they banged the door, they didn’t think too much of it until about 30 seconds later the security guard came running with his torch. As they saw him, his torch shinning on them as they stood at the door, my 17 year old daughter panicked as she was standing in the doorway in just a bra and pyjama bottoms. She sort of screamed and ran back through the villa. The security guard looked confused. Mitch, my 19 year old, stood looking confused and then said “ hi mate, all good” and waved a reassuring hand at him.

Lillee hid in her room embarrassed, Mitch couldn’t stop laughing and the poor security guard was probably left wondering what on earth had happened.

What we learnt from that though was that the security guard here is very vigilant , and that is reassuring!!!

Yesterday was another relaxing day around the villa.

It started, for me at least, with another beautiful sunrise.

Lexi woke feeling unwell. We weren’t sure what it was and thought it was possibly just nerves. She really tried to ignore it. We attempted to go for a walk but had to turn around, she put her swimmers on but couldn’t make it into the pool. By about 7.30 she was shaking and cold and back in bed. She stayed there until lunch time, sleeping most of the time.

When she skipped breakfast, which was fruit and pancakes, her favourite, we knew she wasn,t well.

The fruit here is lovely. Our favourite seems to be mangostens, although I love the dragon fruit, the colour is stunning and the flavour so much nicer than at home. Yesterday we tried snake fruit, I think I like them, the kids aren’t so sure, and the villa manager got us a durian to try. She was so funny as she really doesn’t like them, although they are her 2 year olds favourite fruit, she got it for us, holding it at arms length all the time. When she handed it to us she went to the other side of the room to get away from it but still eager to see our reaction.

Let’s just say I wont be buying durian anytime soon!!!!!

Oh my goodness the smell is awful, the texture just weird and a little but gross. Maybe the flavour is alright but we couldn’t get past the smell and texture. We did all try it but no one is a fan!!!

The rest of the morning was spent around the villa and pool with a little bit of snorkeling.

James and I found some pretty coral and beautiful fish. The fish aren’ plentiful in numbers but there is a great variety. In my experience the snorkeling doesn’t compare to say Australia or Vanuatu for example but it is nice and very easy. Calm water and only metres offshore. It is literally straight in front of the villa so it couldn’t possibly be more convenient!!!

Lexi stayed in bed and I checked on her regularly. She got worse throughout the morning. I wasn’t worried about her at that point but you do start to think “what if this gets worse”. You can’t help but think about how remote you are and that you have no idea about the doctors etc in the area.

I posted on trip advisor and am very thankful for those who responded. One responded with names of doctors and where they are located etc and that was very reassuring.

The villa staff were caring and would have done anything to help if I asked.

The cook asked if she could make Lexi a special soup which she did.

Then about 1/2 hour before lunch she woke hungry!!!!

She sat to to lunch and ate some rice and sipped on the soup.

She wasn’t feeling great but much better and the shaking and fever seemed to have stopped. She felt off all afternoon but nothing to worry about. I think it may have been a mild case of heat stroke!!

Fingers crossed today is a better day as we are glowing on a day trip around the area.

Lunch is served.

During the afternoon James and I went for a walk around the local area. It is not the touristy Bali!!!! We walked for an hour and didn’t see one tourist. There is beauty in the primitiveness of the area though. It is a little confronting but it is simple and a lot can be learned from that.


The detail and elaborate nature of their temples and statues at their homes really touches me when contrasted with time homes and shops of the area. The importance they place on their faith is moving.


These are some random snaps from our walk.

A very typical street.

Everywhere you go there are little things for sale but her you aren’t hassled at all!!!!

Chickens are everywhere.

The yellow fragipanis are so yellow here.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wondering on the beach, laying by the pool, chatting to the villa staff and reading.

We wondered down to the Bondalem Beach Club for a drink before lunch. We have gone down there each afternoon and it has been very quiet. The service is good, the cocktails are cheap, quiet a few to choose from and they start at IDR40,000. The view is beautiful. A lovely place to sit and relax.

So that was day 3.. quiet and fairly uneventful but another wonderful day. This villa is the perfect place to really relax and unwind, to connect with yourself and your loved ones. I am so glad we came here.


Until tomorrow 💕💕

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