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Being Present

Whatever you are doing, focus on that!!

Are you present in what you do?

Whatever it is?

Wherever you are?

Whoever you are with?

Do you focus on what you are doing and give it your attention or does your mind drift, is your attention scattered? Do you think more about what you should be doing, could be doing, would like to be doing, than you do about what you are actually doing?

I recognised that I was NOT present in what I was doing, I wasn't in the moment, in the now.

I might have been writing a blog but thinking about dinner.

Likewise I might have been making dinner and thinking about the blog I should write.

I could be sitting with my daughter but thinking about what I have on my to do list tomorrow, or what groceries I need to buy or an idea for a Facebook live.

This isn't being present. This isn't how we do the best we can in each situation, how we be the best version of us. This isn't being all we can be for others. This just isn't bringing out the best in us.

I made a decision.

I decided to become aware. Aware of what I was thinking about and where my attention lay, what I was focused on as I went about my day.

I was surprised by how often I was doing one thing but thinking about another. How often I was with one person and thinking about something completely different. Even how often I felt something and decided instead to think about something else.

So often I was not present, I was not engaged, I was not valuing the now. I was distracted, distant and disconnected.

Once aware of this I made another decision, I was going to do all I could to be present in the moment, to give my attention to whatever it was I was doing at the time, to give my attention to the person I was with, to focus on the task at hand, to feel as I felt!!

I am not perfect at it, old habits definitely kick in, but I am getting better and I am noticing a difference.

I am achieving more, I am more productive. 

Those around me feel more valued, more seen, more heard.

I am more aware of my feelings and what they might be telling me.

I appreciate more because I am aware of more.

I smile more because I now notice the little things.

I feel more purposeful because I am connected to me and the now and following the intuitive directions that are gifted to me.

I seem to be getting more done and fitting more into the day.

The now, whatever we are doing right now, is precious, it is all we really have. It is our nows that make up our life and being present in the now means being present in life. It is about living, living fully!!

Engage, focus on and think about what you are actually doing, give attention to the people you are with in the moment, focus on the task at hand, observe the view right now, acknowledge and feel feelings as they arise.

Are you wasting your nows by not being present, by planning, by looking ahead, by controlling and always thinking about what is coming next?

Get present, bring your focus to what is going on with you now, what is around you, what you are feeling and what you are doing. Enjoy and appreciate your now and in doing that feel your life experience deepen, your connections strengthen and your experiences improve.

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