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Change of Plans ~ Flexibility is the Key

Day 14

Yesterday we had our three drivers for the day again.

The morning was spent blogging for me, swimming for some and getting a little extra sleep for others. Our drivers were ready for us about 8.15.

Unfortunately three had woken unwell. Two of the older ones stayed at the hotel, and the younger one came with us. I think she had a bit of sun stroke after a day in the pool. You often don’t realise that the kids arent drinking a lot of water, they drink but more juices and fizzy drinks so I think a day in the sun can be very deceiving. Combine that with tiredness and sun burn and you can feel really off.

We set off, 13 instead of 15, first stop was Nusa Dua. I was surprised how close it was and really surprised by the roads!!!!! That bridge is amazing and such a shock after the roads elsewhere in Bali.

In the distance you can see a large statue currently being built on the hill. It is said to be bigger than the Statue of Liberty. It has a shopping mall underneath. It is being built in Java by Balinese workers and is made of bronze. I think it still has about 2 years to go before completion although we heard many different time lines.

Nusa Dua is probably not my favourite place in Bali. To me you could be anywhere. I can understand it’s appeal to some people. The roads do make it so easy to access. It feels safe and you can wonder around without being hassled. I am sure the hotels are lovely. You have private beach’s and I am sure the food is great. I was surprised by the rubbish on the beach in this morning area.

The tiny bit we saw seemed expensive and it just didn’t have the feel of Bali. I personally like knowing I am in a different country. If I am in Bali for example I like feeling like I am in Bali, the good and the bad, the fun and the challenging.


It was also really hot!! A lot hotter than the other areas we have been in, even I think hotter than Kuta.

It would be a good place to “flop and drop” as my friend said. Coming from Australia I would choose the Whitsundays or cairns or maybe even the Gold Coast over Nusa Dua but I know many people love it!!!!

As I said though I am glad we had a little look around, for me I can have seen that area and for me I don’t need to go back.

Back in the cars, we always appreciate the forethought of the drivers as they race ahead and put the air conditioning on in the cars, and we drove to Uluwatu. When we planned today our only musts were Uluwatu and being at Jimbaran Bay by 5.00 so we could have seafood on the beach. I know many people don’t rate this very highly but on our previous trip it was one of our highlights and janelle and I really wanted to do it again.

I was a bit worried about the monkeys at Uluwatu. There was no need to be. We only saw a few and they didn’t pay us any attention at all. We did listen to our drivers and the signs when you enter. We took nothing in with us other than the odd phone for photos. We left sunglasses and hats in the cars and carried no bags.

We did see one monkey take a ladies sunglasses as she stood for a photo and she had no hope of getting them back!!! Another lady had glittery things on and a monkey took them!!!!!!!

The views here are stunning. It is well worth a visit and I can only imagine how beautiful it must be at sunset. There weren’t as many staff walking around as we saw at monkey forest so if all the monkeys were out it might be a bit confronting, apparently they come out here in the afternoons as the sun is too hot in the morning. Not sure how true that is or if we were just lucky.

We had a variety of hot, bothered, tired and sick kids so decided to stop for an early lunch near by. We went to Be Ja Na right near Uluwatu. It was lovely food with great service and a nice place to sit. It was more expensive than many of the places we have been going but the convenience won out yesterday.  

After lunch it was clear that many of us would rather go back to the hotel and relax. It was decided we would forgo Padang Pang beach and Jimbaran Bay and go straight to the hotel.

The drivers were happy, they were getting an early mark and of course we paid them the agreed daily rate.

This is what I mean when I say a good holiday is often reliant on you being flexible, especially when travelling with a a larger group of people. Jimbaran Bay was something I was really looking forward to, we had such a great dinner and fun night there last time I was wanting to do it again. I was disappointed for a while but then decided to let it go. I could focus on what I was missing out on or just be open to what the day could now bring.


Sometimes the best plan is not to plan!!!!!!

When speaking to our driver he told us that he loved wine but due to the cost didn’t have it very often. I had two bottles of wine in the room that I had brought over with us and hadn’t yet drunk. I asked if he would like one. He was shocked but very happy to say yes.

When we returned to the hotel I ran up to the room and grabbed the bottle. He was so happy that it was an Australian wine. It is lovely to do something unexpected for others.

We spend the afternoon around the pool and then went down to Bob’s Beach Bar’ on Kuta Beach for a drink. I do love sitting down there, the sellers can get annoying but you do learn to say no and then ignore them. I still don’t love ignoring them, I feel uncomfortable but you have to.

We sat chatting to Bob and buying a few things for quite a while. James found Nike shorts he had been looking for and they were better quality than saw for 50,000 a pair. Mitch and Locky bought sunglasses as they had forgetting theirs, they paid 30,000. I think there were a few other things purchased.

A lady also walked by with snakes. A few of the kids held them, some braver than others.

Mitch is not a lover of snakes so I was very surprised that he had one drapped around his neck.

Mitch wasn’t so keen on the kisses!!!

Yet another beautiful sunset from Kuta beach.

After dark we walked along to a small warung along the beach that we ate at the other night called Boga Pante. The people are lovely, the food fresh and tasty. There is a variety of western and Indonesian options including what Locky said was his best meal in Bali, Babi Gulang. There were only 4 of my family there as half of us choose to go to Mexican and including drinks it was 360,000.

We walked back to the hotel via the beach path. When we arrived at the hotel the evening entertainment was on. It was hip hop dancers. I watched as Lillee my 17 year old has done hip hop for about 7 years so it always catches my attention. It was interesting, they certainly weren’t a great standard but seemed to love what they were doing.

Afterward yet another swim the day was over.

Days just blend into one here. I am so pleased I am writing these as it helps me recall what we have done.

Another great day though and I enjoyed all of it even though it wasn’t what I had planned. Letting go of the expectations allowed me to enjoy the day unfold.

I look forward to what tomorrow brings ........ whatever it may be. 😀

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