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Conversations with Money

Building a positive relationship with money

I have been shamed into ignoring money.

Well lets get clear, I allowed myself to be shamed into pretending money didn't matter to me and that if I wanted to be 'enlightened' or 'spiritual' I had to ignore money. Pretend it had no importance or significance to me. Fact is I was then ignoring money because I had decided to believe this was the way to attract money! What a contradiction!!!! Ignore the very thing you desire, ignore even the desire and then blissfully wait for it to show up anyway.

A few weeks ago I looked this belief squarely in the eye and called BS on it!!!

I am not a bad person if I admit that money is important to me.

I am not spiritually bankrupt if I spend some time focusing on my desire to attract more money.

I am not unenlightened if money enters my thoughts and decisions and vocabulary.

Money is in fact part of this earthly experience.

Money is a fabulous tool the universe utilises to direct us and show us insight.

Money is an energy.

Money is a wonderful resource, available to us all.

Money can in fact be a true gift.

I started to explore this. Open myself again to the money conversations and explore my true, deep desires.

I was shown that money is like many other things in life, it is an energy we repel or we embrace and welcome. Money flows, it is always flowing and whether we step into that flow or not is up to us. It is a 'thing' we have created a relationship with and the quality of that relationship will influence how it shows up in our lives.

I was guided to work on my relationship with money.

"How do I do that?" I asked.

"You talk to it. You invite it into your life. You respect and honour it, you value it without worshiping it or inflating its importance. You give it a healthy amount of attention and time in your life."

I started to feel a little uneasy. "Does this mean budgets and spreadsheets??" My stomach churned.

"No, not yet at least, to start with that would be completely counter productive as the energy you would approach that with would not be the energy a 'friend' would enjoy being around. This would be pushing things far to hard and fast for this neglected relationship."

"No, you just start talking to it," I was told, "talking like you would to a new acquaintance or friend. Talk with interest, the interest you show a new friend when you are really eager to find out more about them. Talk openly and honestly but positively. Talk and listen. Ensure it is a two way conversation."

This sounded a bit weird, I rolled my eyes a bit. How on earth do you 'speak' to money!!!

"Give it 1/2 an hour a day and sit and write to it. All you need to commit is time and a willingness to explore. What have you got to lose?"

True, what have I got to lose, worrying and planning wasn't working so it was time to trust and try something new. I love journaling so I treated it like that and just started to write, I was so surprised by what came through but I was more surprised by some of the changes that happened really quickly. Money flowed a little easier, opportunities arose and this was in the matter of a couple of days!!

It is still early days but I feel calmer, I feel at ease that money is and will flow, I feel really positive and hopeful.

I was certain other people could benefit from this too. I shared my experience in a small group I run and an idea was born, a Money Conversation Challenge.

So here it is, my free 33 day Money Conversation Challenge.

What is the quality of your relationship with money like?

Do you think it could benefit from come TLC, a bit of focused attention just like mine?

Remember this has nothing to do with what you earn or what you spend or budgets and figures. I am talking about your energetic relationship with money.

Money is an energy and like all other energies we are aligned with them or not, we attract them or we repel them, we recieve them or we block them, they sit well with us or they don't.

In my experince my financial experience has very little to do with what I earn and everything to do with my attitude and the energy I focus on around money.

Until you work on your money story, on your energy and belief system around money little will change regardless of how much you earn or how hard you try and save.

I had to get honest, really honest about what I wanted, what I wanted money to do for me.

Remember this isn't about making money the centre of your life or worshiping money or sacrificing your principles and values for money, in fact it is quite the opposite. This is about acknowledging money for what it is, an energy and a means of exchange, and building a respectful relationship with it. Not over valuing it but not devaluing it either.

For now money is a very important part of this human experience and wouldn't it be nice to have a positive relationship with it.

If you think you could benefit from exploring and building your unique relationship with money this FREE challenge might be what you need. The most exciting part for me is no budgets, no calculators, no spreadsheets needed!!

This challenge will be all about you and what you think about money and what money thinks about you!!! You will be gently and easily working on your energy and beliefs around money, you just have to commit 30 minutes a day to the activities. If you are anything like me you are wasting more than 30 minutes worth of energy and time worrying about money now so what have you got to lose!!

So if you aren't in the financial position you wish you were and you just can't seem to get out of the position you are in this challenge might be wroth a shot!!!

My brand new "33 Day Money CONVERSATION Challenge" could be just what you need.

Just message me for more information or to join. The easiest way is if you like my Facebook page Jodi Reeves Life and then send me a message or comment on a post.

It is time to get to know money!!!

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