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Goodbyes and Another Birthday

Day 15

Yesterday was Friday, our friends left last night and we leave on Sunday. I am trying so hard to think about leaving and the negatives of leaving. Every holiday comes to an end and it isn’t worth wasting a minute of the holiday getting down about leaving but gosh it is hard not to.

You start with the lasts.

This might be our last meal here.

We better buy that now as it might be our last time at this shop.

Enjoy the sunset it might be the last we see.

For the last two weeks it has felt like there is enough time to fit it all in, to do new things, repeat the things we have enjoyed and to laze around but that feeling shifts and you want to make the last few days count. You start thinking of the things you haven’t done or wished you did. I start thinking Batur cooking again and school runs and work.

I am really trying not to let these thoughts shade our time, however that time left might be.

As I walked around Kuta today I was reminded that the beauty of bali is often in the small things. The smiles on faces, the simple conversations, the colour, the contrast, the sky, the sunsets.

I can see how some only see the dirt and rubbish and pushy shop keepers and traffic and smell. But if you are prepared to look differently you can see so much more, so much beauty, so much joy.

As we walk around I notice the chatter and laughter of those very same shop keepers. The simplicity of the games the children play. The amazing cleanliness and crispness of the children’s uniforms and again I notice the smiles. The smiles of the locals are real. They smile because they feel like smiling, they smile with broken or missing teeth, they smile even when life is possibly tougher than we imagine.

We could all learn something from those smiles.

You can’t help but smile back. Regardless of being tired or hotand bothered or over the endless pleas of “you buy one more dress” or “come into my shop just looking” or the most common “come look, cheap cheap cheap!” You just can’t help but smile back. Sometimes I have to look away and smile as I know that the smile will give them hope that I am not just going to look in their shop but buy lots of the ir endless supply of tshirts or dresses.

Oh my goodness the rows and rows, streets and street of the same things!!!!

The beauty of Bali for me is in the details, the small things, the things you could so easily overlook. When Yu open not just your eyes but your hearts and minds you see so much more.

Beauty is everywhere.

James, Lexi and Jorga had a surfing lesson in the morning. The waves were good and it was great having an instructor each. We arranged this through Bob, where we have been having. A few drinks on the beach in the afternoons. It was 150,000 each for an hour. We could have bargained with the price but didn’t as we were happy with it. Sometimes it is nice to forget about getting something as cheap possible and pay a price you are happy with and that the locals are thrilled with.

There were many laughs, everyone got up and had a great time.

After this more time was spent in and around the pool. I can’t begin to imagine how much time we have spent around the pools!!!!!

One of the older kids had woken yesterday still sick and her Dad decided to take her to the doctor as she had to fly last night. They ended up at the BMIC in Kuta. They were gone 2 or 3 hours in total and after some injections and medication she was feeling better almost instantly!!!!

It cost about $200, was really easy and had such a quick impact on how she felt. It is really worth considering sooner rather than later if you are feeling sick in Bali.

When they got back she was even hungry and really felt like lunch.

Lunch was at the Mexican restaurant next to the hotel. A couple of the guys had considered doing the 2kgs burrito challenge and today was the day!!! It was also Tom’s 29th birthday and he loved th Mexican restaurant.

In the end only Mitch attempted the challenge. When it came out you couldn’t help but laugh at the size of it.

Th burrito is filled with rice, amoungst other things of course, and isn’t made for taste, it is made for size.

He started quite confidently but about 2/3 of the way through he really struggled.

It was quite bizarre sitting there cheering him on to do something so gross!!!!!

After many painful looks and close calls he actually finished it.

He now has the tshirt!!! If you were to ask him if it was it worth it he would say no.

He couldn’t even look at Toms birthday cake!!

He went very quickly to his room and was sick, which did make him feel better but he didn’t eat dinner last night as he just couldn’t face dinner. All he ordered last night was a weight loss tonic water!!!! We all laughed that he thought this might make any difference!

Another memory I guess, just not my idea of a fun thing to do.

Through the afternoon James and I went looking at paintings. As we walked around, up and down the same street a few times as we ummedand arrred about paintings and what we liked or what we should pay we couldn’t help but notice how quiet the restaurants were.

This has been evident the whole time we have been here. Restaurant after restaurant empty. You see the workers or owners sitting there firstly in hopeful anticipation and then as the day progresses they actually look dejected. I can’t imagine how hard it is some days for these people. How does that feel sitting there hour after hour with no one coming in.

We bought 3 painting, bigger than we thought we would and I’ll be honest I have no idea what we will think of them when we get home. They could be one of those regretful Bali purchases, only time will tell.

We returned to the hotel for more time at the pool.

Late in the afternoon we discovered th Kori Lounge at the hotel. I can’t believe we haven’t found this lounge until now. Such a lovely place to sit and enjoy a coffee, tea or drink.

We sat in here as the others got ready to leave and then waited for the transfer.

Just like that it was time for them to leave and we are now back to 6. Much quieter!!!! The kids were missing the others within about an hour.

They all I had such a great time together. We are so blessed by these friendships.

after they left we walked down th beach and ate at Boga Pante, again! It is so easy to become creatures of habit here and eat at the same places again and again. We like the owners here, it is cheap and fresh and has a good variety.

After a little more shopping out on the street it was time for bed, another day over. Only one more whole day in Bali!!!

Today my focus is enjoying the day not worrying about our holiday ending.

Oh and seeing if everything will fit in our suitcases, another reminder that life is pretty good when that is your biggest concern.

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