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I Can't Help It ... I'm Just a Worrywart

For some of us it feels like worry is who we are, how we are wired, we mjst of just been born that way.

Are you a worrier?

A worrywart?

A worryguts?

Can you sometimes worry when there is actually nothing to even worry about?

Do you worry about what might go wrong?

Can your worry take the joy or fun out of situations?

Do you waste your time worrying?

We have all heard the advice .... don't worry be happy ..... most of what you worry about doesn't happen anyway .... and we know it doesn't help but still worry plagues many of us.

My sister has gone away for the weekend. Her first weekend away from her 18 month old son, in fact it is her first night away from him. I texted her this morning to wish her a fabulous weekend. We got talking (well texting) about worry.

She asked "have you figured out how to turn off the worry button?" half jokingly I know and certainly rhetorically but it got me thinking and I couldn't help but respond.

How do we turn off the worry button?

We decide to!

Sounds simple doesn't it and surely it can't be that simple I hear you say, but what if it is.

When you are doing something and you start to 'worry' even though you really know there is no need and worrying wont help, and you have done all you can etc did you know in that moment you have a choice?

A choice to focus on the worry and embrace all its might and feeling OR you can acknowledge it ..... "yes I feel you" ..... decide it isn't beneficial in that moment ..... "thank you for your presence but I don't need you right now" ..... and choose to shift your focus to something else. Something positive, something hopeful, something fun, something beneficial.

It doesn't mean you wont feel the worry but it does mean you wont get bogged down in it. It wont become your overriding or primary feeling and experience. It wont direct you.

Feelings come on us, they aren't always our choice but our focus is. Our focus is our choice!

Your focus is YOUR choice!!!

So when you worry, or feel any other less than desired emotion (fear is a good one), what do you do?

Do you fall in line with it, believe every part of it, accept it as how you must feel and in doing so allow it to grow and strengthen?

Or do you acknowledge the feeling and decide the influence it will have over you and your experience if any? Do you still own your power and ability to choose what you focus on?

Do you accept that it isn't the only option, the only choice, the only truth?

Some feelings become habit and we can consciously break the habit. Yes, it takes effort, it takes time but it is worth it.

How much has worry, unfounded, unproductive worry, stolen from you?








What if deciding to shift your focus was enough, what if it was like finding the 'worry button' and turning it off or at the very least reducing is power and influence?

You have that power!

You have the choice!

And you hold the key!!

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