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Kuta Again

Day 14

I can’t believe we have been here two weeks and we only have three nights left :(

I know Bali is so easy to return to but you just never know if you will or if you do how long away that visit will be. Bali has changed so much in the 7 years since we were here last. I wonder how much it will change between now and our next visit.

We had a very quiet day today, nothing planned and for many of us it meant hours in and by the pool. In fact this was the way the day began and ended. A swim before breakfast and swim before bed. What a perfect, way to start and end a day!!!

We have a pool at home but I don’t swim very much. We live on the Sunshine Coast and it gets hot but I so rarely feel like a swim, here in Bali I feel like a swim all the time. The pool is so refreshing and I love the fact you aren’t cold while in the water. You can just sit in it and chat without ever feeling cold.

After breakfast James and I went for a walk. James wanted to go to the surf shop factory outlets near Galleria. So instead of turning left outside our hotel we turned right and walked that way. There were many more local shops and they seemed very quite. Most of the area we walked was very local and not aimed at tourists. I enjoy walking in those areas. We noticed so many cheap warungs. And by cheap I mean cheap!!!!! The cheapest meal we saw was 8,000 and 15,000 seemed really common. We would definitely venture this way to eat if we didn’t have so many people.

It was quite a long hot walk, I don’t know how long it took but I was very thankful for the air conditioning when we arrived at the first outlet.

James got quite a few things. The prices aren’t cheap by Bali standards but they were about 1/2 or maybe a little less than what he would pay at home.

We walked back the opposite way effectively doing a big loop. The phone said we walked about 5 kms but I don’t think it was that far. I was thankful none of the kids came though!!!

When we got back we headed straight to the pool and enjoyed a swim and lunch by the pool. It wasn’t long until we felt refreshed again.

After lunch the girls decided to turn right and look at the market type shops we had seen on our did buy a things but said the shop owners were so much more aggressive than the shops we had been shopping at. They were swore at a lot, yelled at when they left a shop without buying and told they couldn’t buy just one thing, they had to buy multiples hence they didn’t shop for too long.

The rest of the afternoon was very quiet. Lazing around the hotel.

We all meet at the broad walk bar and restaurant for a dinner for James 50th which is why we are here. They set up a beautifully decorated table and area and we had a great dinner with many drinks, especially cocktails, consumed.

It was by far our most expensive meal due to the amount of drinks but the food was great and we all enjoyed the night. All in the hotel!!!!!!

So not much to report but a great day spent around the hotel.

Today we are going our with drivers again.

Three whole days left. Gosh the time is going so quickly now ☹️

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