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Our First Full Day

Bali Day Two

As you know from yesterday’s blog I woke early. 3.30 is a little too early really but it is also a lovely time of day. The sunrise was certainly worth it and I sit here now anticipating what today’s may be but this blog is about yesterday, our first full day in Bondalem Bali.

Lexi woke at about 6.00 immediately saying she felt sick. It is challenging with some personalities to prepare them for a trip to a different country and talk about precautions like not drinking the water, using bottled water to clean your teeth, using hand sanitise etc, without making them either hyper vigilant or turning them into a hyperchondriac. When you combine the natural feelings of anticipation, nerves, excitement and concern over what might happen in someone who lives with anxiety it can often appear to them like they are ill. At least this is the case with my daughter.

She is terrified of the mosquitoes or the possibility of mosquitoes, she had a breakdown when her brother threw her in the pool (playfully) and she swallowed some water. She was convinced she was going to contract an illness and die. And each grumble of her tummy is a definite case of Bali Belly.

She acknowledges this but it still her natural tendency to catastrophise each ache, pain or grumble. I think we worked through a lot of it yesterday but I can’t be sure. The teenagers find it hilarious!! You have to love being the youngest.

A quick swim in the pool seemed to distract her though, even she admitted that that is a sure sign that it is just nerves and not a life threatening illness!!!

At about 6.45, when my husband woke the three of us went for a walk. We had no idea where we were going but just walked up the road the villa is on. It was such a bustle of activity. The road our villa is on is so narrow and yet cars, trucks and scooters seem to navigate it with ease. I get nervous watching them I can’t imagine driving.

The entrance to a small local temple next door to our villa

How they fit I have no idea but they do!!!

As we approached this corner, a busy intersection, a policeman appeared from no where, blew a whistle, stopped the traffic in all directions and guided us across the road.

this Is the width of the road outside out villa. It really is about as wide as two footpaths!!!!

There were so many local children walking to school and they were so excited to say hello and giggled in delight when we answered them back.

We discovered a small local market which we are going too return to this morning to have a look around.

As we were walking another police man stopped us, he was riding past us on a scooter. He immediately introduced himself to my husband. My first reaction was to think “oh great he is going to ask for money for something.” I was trying to think of our possible reactions and responses..

I could not have been further from the truth.

He asked us where we are from and what part of Australia. He said he had friends from Queensland. I am fairly sure he would have had friends from anywhere we said we were from 😉😉

He chatted about his work and that he was returning home to change as he had worn the wrong uniform to work. He had forgotten it was clean up day, I think that is what he called it, and he had his good uniform on so was returning home to change. He told us his house was just around the corner and if we ever wanted we could visit him. I have no idea where his house actually is!!!

I was surprised that Lexi stayed very calm. I thought she would be worried as to what a police man had stopped us.

We said our goodbyes and as he rode off Lexi turned to James and said “Dad I didn’t know you knew anyone her. How do you know him?”

That is why she had stayed calm. She thought James knew him somehow.

We returned to the villa in time to wake the older kids and enjoy a beautifully prepared breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent exploring the villa gardens and the beach. James and Lexi went snorkeling and found coral and fish probably less than 10meters offshore. Ww will explore this more today.

We swam a lot and just rested.

The kids found this a bit challenging. Before we arrived at the villa they checked that I didn’t have much planned for our 6 days here. They just wanted to relax. You see when we go away I usually arrange quite a bit to do. I like seeing things and making the most of our time away. So I assured them that no I hadn’t planned much, probably just one day trip around the area and other than that it was time to just relax and be together.

Well by the afternoon they admitted that is feels very weird and while they often complain that I arrange too much they actually like getting out and about and seeing things. Resting is fine but they want to see things as well. They actually thanked me for always making sure they have fun things to do while away.

Challenging thing for this part of the trip is James and I both need and want a rest!!! So hopefully they will embrace the relaxed lifestyle here.

Madi, Lillee (my 19 and 17 year old daughters) and I had a massage at the villa. We all loved it. Afterwards madi was laying around the pool and said she has never felt so relaxed in her life. I have a problem with my shoulder and I couldn’t believe the improvement I had in movement after the massage, even though it wasn’t a massage focused on my shoulder and the problem I have should not really be improved by massage!!! I didn’t expect any improvement.

The villa staff prepared us a beautiful lunch and dinner. Chicken satay for lunch which we watched them prepare from scratch.

Throughout the day I chatted to the staff about their lives and local foods etc. It is a little challenging language wise but they are such lovely people.

Other than a quick trip to a local supermarket, very small supermarket, in the villa car we just relaxed around the villa. I think we were all in bed by 8.30!!!!

The kids are enjoying trying many local sweets. This is definitely their favourite, in fact I think it is the only one they like!!! It is fascinating learning from the villa staff about how many of the sweets are made. One they were telling us about is wrapped in I think dried banana leaves and looks a little like a small Christmas cracker takes 4 hours of stirring over a hot pan that looks a little like a wok.


4 hours!


And no the kids didn’t like them 😆

Even the beetles are pretty.

I love the door to the beach.

The gardens here are so beautiful. They aren’t perfectly manicured, they have character. Don’t get me wrong they are neat and so well maintained but not sterile if that makes sense. There are many little corners of interest and many things to discover.

Lexi has brought a couple of kites with her. She is hoping to fly them with the local kids. The kids weren’t out playing but she enjoyed flying the kite anyway!!!!

These photos pretty much sum up our day.. relax, swim, eat repeat!!!!!

Lexi tried her first fresh coconut 🥥

No, she didn’t like it and went straight back to the orange and strawberry juice but she had fun trying.

Lexi played with some local children. The children had come to the beach to play but the wind had died down so she couldn’t fly the kite with them. She blew them bubbles which they chased with delight. She them gave the bubbles to small girl and her father was so thankful. He returned later to thank her again.

The day ended with the mandatory Bintang and a glass of wine..


What more could you want out of a day!!! Well the kids might have wanted more excitement but it was exactly what James and I wanted.


I can’t wait to see what today brings 💕💕

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