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Our Last Full Day ar The Mahalani

Day 6

Just to be consistent the day began with yet another gorgeous sunrise. I don’t think I could ever bore of them, although you might 😉

It wasn’t quite as vibrant as previous ones but still beautiful. As I sit and write this I wonder what magic this mornings will bring.

A lone fisherman trying his luck from the beach in the early morning.

When James woke we went for a walk to the local market. It is only a 10 minute walk from the villa straight up the road. It is amazing how busy this little road is in the mornings yet by early afternoon it is deserted!!!

The market is a small indoor one, mainly small stalls, run by local woman selling fresh food they have grown or caught. There is a few other stalls around the edges selling fabrics, clothing, plastic containers and knick knacks. No one asks you to buy anything. You can just wonder through freely.

We were the only non locals in the markets. As we walked through thinking this is a true local market I heard my name being called.

“Jodi, Jodi, Jodi.”

Both James and I looked at each other shocked and then looked to see who was calling me. We both couldn’t believe anyone would know my name!!!!

The we saw her, making her way towards us we saw Arun, our cook. She has a small stall selling garlic and herbs.

Arun does this everyday. She wakes at 3.00am to get to the market and open her stall (which is really a small table) by 4.00am when the market starts. She then works at the villa from 8.00 am to 4.00pm 6 days a week.

I don’t know if you could say they work hard as the pace is slow here but they definitely work long hours.

I asked Kadekie, the villa manager, yesterday if they ever get holidays other than their one day off a week. She said “oh yes. Julie (the villa owner) owes me 5 days. One day soon I will ask to have one or two days off to rest.” She was so pleased she had those few days owing to her, almost proud.

I asked what she would do when she had her days off, maybe visit family in another part of Bali?

“Oh no, I will stay home and rest.”

Holidays are really an unknown concept for them although all day they serve those off us on holidays.

I admire their lack of resentment. I can’t say I would be the same. Maybe they just hide it well, I don’t know, but there seems no I’ll feeling towards us and the fact we are here literally lazing around as they work yet again. I think I would have stirrings at least of jealousy.

I wish I could say differently and I’m not proud to admit it but I’m fairly sure I would have some resentment or at least fairly regular poor me moments!!!!

Sometimes when we are in or around the pool locals, especially children, stand at the fence and stare in. I can’t help but wonder what they think, what is going through their mind.

There again we observe the contrasts of Bali and it reminds me to be grateful for all I have. I cannot solve the problems of financial inequity around the world and who am I to even say we are luckier, maybe they are the lucky ones, but I can be aware and I can ensure I have the best attitude possible and never take what I have for granted even though when I am at home it may often seem I don’t yet have ‘enough’.

Wanting more is fine, striving for more is fine, it is what most of us do and will continue to do, but we should never forget to stop and look around and realise and appreciate what we already have!!!

Anyway back to the markets. I didn’t get a photo inside. This is the road outside and the market is quite similar.

This is a two way road and yes cars and even small trucks drive on it!

Then maybe 50 metres down the road, as the buildings turn residential but generally in no better state of repair or presentation you see this building with this incredible door!!!

Once again the contrast of Bali.

After Breakfast Lexi and James went snorkeling. Lexi is loving the snorkeling and because it is so close, literally just outside our beautiful blue garden door, she can go for quick snorkels which suit her. They had the beach to themselves.

Through the morning we went back to the school. We had to drop a pencil to one girl in grade two who had missed out the day before. The look on her face when she saw us walk in was priceless. I think she was hopeful we would we would come as promised but fairly sure we wouldn’t!

We also left extra exercise books with the Head Master.

Again it struck us hot the school is, with a lot of concrete and pavers, no grass at all feels like an oven and yet the kids are all so neatly presented!!

After another lovely lunch prepared and served by Ketut and Arun we enjoyed a very relaxed afternoon.

Mitch, Lillee and Lexi went snorkeling. We sat by the pool a lot although by late afternoon it got a little cool.

Yes cool!!!

The location of the villa means we get a lovely sea breeze, so within the grounds, unless you are laying in the sun, you never really feel too hot. I expected it to be much hotter although I know that is coming when we head down south today.

Later in the afternoon we walked down to the Bondelum Beach Club. Lexi got a little sidetracked playing with the local children. She blew bubbles and flew kites. She had brought things with her to give away and she loved giving them bubbles and kites. She can not speak Indonesian and they can’t speak English other than sometimes hello and thank you but the joy in all their eyes spoke a million words. Lexi sensed it and it has been one of her favourite memories.

I get so lost in their joy and taken up in the moment that I forget to take photos so I only captured a couple of them.

Australian girls and Balinese girls speaking the universal language of bubbles!!!

Yesterday I tried my first Bintang. I don’t drink beer.....ever!!!!! But it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe the setting helps!!

No I’d didn’t drink it all!!!

And just like that another day, our last day in Bondelum came to an end.

After dinner we packed and started to get ready to leave. Last night I went to bed grateful, excited and a little sad.

Tomorrow our holiday takes a very different turn. My oldest and dearest friend arrives, we met on the first day of kindergarten, and today she arrives with her partner and their 6 kids and one extra. All our kids are great friends. Mine have been best friends with 3 of theirs since birth with only weeks between some of them in age!!!! We head to Kuta, the complete opposite of here. So next time you hear from me I will be sharing the holiday of 15 people form Kuta!!!!!

But first we have to say our goodbyes to here and that will be with a little sadness but immense joy that we got to experience this and the memories are now ours forever. And gratitude, I feel such gratitude for all I have experienced.

On to the next adventure and being Kuta adventure might be the ideal word!!!!

Until tomorrow.

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