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Purpose......Your Purpose

Is finding your purpose a worthy pursuit or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?


Find you purpose.

Live your purpose.

I am sure you have heard these statements and more.

Have you spent hours, days, months or maybe even your whole life ‘searching’ for your purpose, trying to discover or uncover what that purpose may be?

I have!!

And I'll be honest more often than not it has felt like a never ending merry-go-round, like the carousel or ferris wheel that I just can’t seem to get off.

I so often though "if only I could ‘find’ my purpose I would feel fulfilled, success would come to me and I would be making a difference to the world."

Yet, if you are anything like me, the more I looked, the more I sort, the more determined I became to find this elusive purpose the bigger failure I felt. I was also scared to do anything because what if it wasn’t my ‘true purpose’? What if I was pursuing the wrong thing!!

Time was ticking away and I was no closer to my purpose or my realisation of it.

‘Purpose’ is often promoted like the Holy Grail, the one main thing we should all identify and pursue wholeheartedly, the one and final end result. That one major thing you will focus on and spend your life doing. The one thing that will make you happy!!!


But for me no one thing fitted that feeling.

No one thing felt big enough, exciting enough, ‘purposeful’ enough. And what if I pursued that one thing and it failed?

What if I found I didn't like it or it didn't fulfil me as I had hoped?

Did that mean I was wrong or was I just destined to live without purpose.

Each time I explored this, really explored it within myself, I got the feeling there was more to it and that I was searching for the wrong thing, focusing on the wrong thing, but then I would see another blog, another meme, another facebook posts about ‘finding you purpose’ and I thought once again that I must be wrong and I just had to keep looking.

Am I alone?

Am I the only one?

When you read these sorts of posts, when you hear the advice do you get the impression that your ‘purpose’ is meant to be one thing…..that one thing you were born to do??

This was the impression I got, this is what I thought it had to be. I thought I had to search until I found that one true thing. The thing big enough, strong enough, important enough to carry me through my life and fill me with longed for fulfilment and success and then it dawned on me.

Purpose isn’t about one dream, one desire, one goal, one skill or one outcome. In fact purpose isn’t about the outcome or result at all.

Just by being here, just by having this ‘human’ experience you are in fact living your purpose. Your purpose is to live and experience. So to put it simply just by living you are living on purpose!!

I sat with this for a while and it felt right to me.

The other day I was doing a live stream and something else dawned on me. What if purpose was all about the path and not the outcome?

What if it wasn’t about finding your one life’s purpose but just allowing yourself to walk your ‘Path of Purpose’. And what if this included the twists and turns, the ups and downs and even the intersections? What if you felt 'on purpose' not in spite of these but thanks to them?

What if your purpose wasn’t one thing or one destination or one outcome or one contribution? What if your life’s purpose was to just walk on your ‘path of purpose’?

Path of Purpose!! I liked the sound of that.

A journey.

A process.

A work in progress.

One step after another.

You could even take a rest and still be on your 'path of purpose'.

Path of Purpose.
Your Path of Purpose.

I can hear you now.

So how do I know I am on the right path? How do I get on my path?

This is the fun bit.

You finally acknowledge and embrace what it is you truly desire. You listen to your heart and your soul and you acknowledge those whispers.

Those whispers, those feelings, those messages are the map to your path, your unique path, your unique path of purpose!!

How do you walk this path?

The same way you walk any path, regardless of the terrain, regardless of the circumstances you just take one step at a time.

Allow yourself to feel the sense of fulfilment that comes from the journey, that comes from the experience, that comes from being on your path. You don’t have to wait for the achievement of any goal to feel that.

Walking ‘Your Path of Purpose’ will free within you the feelings of peace and fulfilment and dare I say happiness that so many of us seek.

And what happens if you find yourself on what feels like the wrong path?

You reassess, you change paths, you take a different turn and then once again step forward with excitement and confidence knowing that all that has come before was not a waste, it was in fact perfect, it was your path, your path of purpose.

Purpose isn’t a destination, your purpose, if we must define it, is to walk ‘Your Path of Purpose’.

Purpose is a path not a ending.

Path of Purpose!!!

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