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That isn't the truth....

...this is!!!

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in Australia. There were so many posts on Facebook in honour of peoples Mothers. It is lovely to see and a great opportunity to express love and gratitude for our mothers.

As I scrolled through Facebook, enjoying the photos and the words of love and gratitude something struck me. So many people declaring their mother the Best Mum EVER!! It is touching to read these posts and they feel so genuine. People posting from the heart about the fact that their mother is the best there is!

It got me thinking though .... they can't all be right .... every mother cannot be the best mum ever. It just isn't possible. We accept this though as we know it is true to them because it is their perception, their chosen belief, their truth.

Everyone has their own reality and it is real, to them. It is their truth and while someone else may have a different truth, a truth that contradicts theirs even, it is still real. It is real to them!

So what is truth?

What are the facts?

Even facts are changeable, we see something differently, we learn more and it changes the 'facts', research proves something else to be true, scientific breakthroughs find new or contradictory facts.

We accept that.

The thing we often find harder to accept is that two people can view or experience exactly the same thing and yet, thanks to their own perception, each person can believe a different thing occurs. They can see or remember the same event very, very differently.

Their individual filters and perceptions have created their experience or at least their memory of the experince. Fundamentally the same thing was viewed or experienced by the two people but we now have two versions, two realities, two different realities.

Sometimes we become so fixated on being right, on arguing our rightness and proving someone else wrong. After all they must be wrong because we know we are right. Arguing our 'rightness' wont help because the other person can feel just as strongly about their experience and therefore their 'rightness' as we do about ours. We end up in a never ending battle with no one feeling heard or respected.

The thing is we can both be right!!

Through different vantage points, beliefs, filters, focuses, intentions, biases and emotions we can both observe or experience the same thing differently! Our conscious and subconscious mind has processed, interpreted and stored the information or experience through all of our unique variables and come up with an interpretation, from this interruption we form our experience, our reality, our truth.

Both people do this and this can mean neither person is wrong and we don't have to make or prove the other person wrong to be right ourselves. We have just, very naturally, drawn different conclusions and created our own reality.

We aren't wrong or right in how we interpret, experience and remember events. We are just unique. We are looking at and processing the world through our own unique lens and through that we are drawing our own unique conclusions and interpreting events in our own unique way.  

Just remember it isn't about proving yourself right or another wrong. It is about owning and understanding your own perception and accepting that others have their own unique perceptions also.

It isn't always THE truth it is more often OUR truth.

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