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It is all how you look at it.

Do you ever feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day?

Overwhelmed by all you need to do?
Bogged down by everything others what you to do?

No time left to do the things you want to do?

Do you feel you are constantly running in circles and not finishing what you set out to do?

I don’t normally worry too much about time. I am also pretty good at cutting things off my list that aren’t that important. Even so every now and then time feels like it is slipping away and I worry that I am just not going to get all I have planned done.

Yesterday this started to happen.

I felt it start to rise within me, the overwhelm, the panic, the hopelessness. How was I ever going to complete all I had set out to yesterday? Ever??

So what did I do?
I stopped and I took a breath. In fact I took a few deep and deliberate breathes. This doesn’t sound too powerful but it is. When your mind starts to run all over the place and those unproductive emotions like overwhelm start to flood you breathing can be one of the most powerful things you can do.

Things do feel a little overwhelming at the moment. I am finally getting serious about my business and all the things I could have done, should have been doing, wished I had done over the last 18 months or so have all mounted up and now it feels like a fairly big list, almost like a mountain to climb in fact. I know this is because it is a build up, a list of things I haven’t been doing and they are all sitting there calling for my attention at once.

This was a choice though, over the last year or two I kept choosing to put them off until tomorrow and yet tomorrow never seemed to come, well not until now anyway. I have made the clear decision and commitment now to do all the things I have talked about for so long.

Back to what I did yesterday when I noticed the feeling of overwhelm and hopelessness rise.

-I stopped.

-I took conscious and deep breathes.
-I wrote a to do list, not a big thing for many of you but a huge thing for me. I don’t usually do lists, I avoid them in fact. I didn’t just write a list of all I still had to do. I wrote a list of all the things I had hoped to achieve yesterday, then I highlighted all the things I had already completed. Looking at that made me feel good, it drew may attention to the fact that I had been productive, I hadn’t ‘wasted’ the day or my time, I had actaully been really productive!!
-I then looked at what was left on my list and I took off anything that wasn’t related to my 3 current focuses. This cleared many things that I just thought I ‘should’ do. I reminded myself I don’t have to do everything!! I can’t and I don’t want to and that is alright.

-I remembered how far I had come and that all forward movement is positive.
-I connected with me, I breathed some more, I closed my eyes and felt the breath, I placed my feet firmly on the floor and grounded myself, I felt my heart.

- I congratulated myself for all I had done and the decisions I was making. I thanked myself.

-I then shifted my focus to now, to the moment I was in and what I was doing and knew this was all that mattered. I didn’t think about what I had done, or hadn’t done or still had to do, I just thought about and focused on the thing I was doing right then.

I can’t tell you how much better I felt after doing this. I went on to still achieve more that day and tick a few more things off the list, not all of them, and that is fine, but I did achieve more and it felt good!

Time is what we make it and what we do with it, what we fill it with is up to us.

Yesterday I had a choice, a choice many of us are faced with. I could stress and get upset and even angry about all I wasn’t achieving, worried about how I was ever going to complete all I wanted or needed to, allow the overwhelm to flood me or I could rise above it all, refuse to listen to that fear, and really it is fear.

Fear we have left it to late.
Fear we will run out of time.
Fear we can’t do it all.

Fear we aren’t good enough.

When we acknowledge that and make the decision to shift our focus fear loses its power, its influence, its force, its reach, its relevance all fade away.
Time is what we make it. You can’t do it all sometimes, every now and then the hours in the day do run out but you can decide how to handle that, you decide to reframe the experience and you decide how to spend your time and I decided to not spend any of my time beating myself up or stressing about wasn’t done or might not get done.
What will you decide?

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