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When ....

When..... when will it be time?


When will you stop running?

Running from the truth

Your truth

The real you

The deep inside you

When will you stop quietening your voice?

Staying silent

Not saying what you think

Not sharing how you feel

Hiding in the shadows

When will you stop caring?

Caring so much what others think

What those who you don't even care about or maybe even see think

Do you know what those 'other' people think anyway?

Really think

Hell, you are struggling in your silence to know what you think let alone what others might think.

...and care....why do you care so much?

Let it go!!

When will it be time?

Time to look within

To reach deep inside

To feel and share and speak

To stand in your truth

To acknowledge your truth

To be who you are

To show who you are

To share who you are

To love who you are

To be all you can be

When will it be time?

Is it time yet?

Time to finally allow yourself the freedom to be all of you?

To use your voice

To show all of you

To accept all of you

To embrace all parts of you

To love all of you

When will you stop trying to guess what others want you to be or think or do?

When will others stop dictating to you who you should be or could be?

When will you finally decide to be all of you?

The whole you

The real you

The authentic you

The you you were born to be

When will you shed the chains that hold you back?

The chains of judgment

Of expectation

Of fear

When will you do this?

For you

For them

For the world

But mostly for you

You deserve to be you

You are allowed to be you

You were destined to be you so when will you live your destiny?



Authentically YOU

When will you finally show the real you?

When will it be time?

When will it be your time?

Stop waiting

Don't wait

Do it now

Step into you, all of you


The time is now

Your time is now

The world is waiting for you

<3 <3 <3

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