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Your Dreams Are Waiting For You ...

... what are you waiting for?

I sat down this afternoon with my lunch and flicked the TV on, I wasn't sure why, I had other plans and don't normally watch TV at this time.

As I flicked it on Masterchef appeared, a replay of the first episode of the new season. It caught my eye. Until last year I had never watched Masterchef and while in hospital I become a little addicted. I think I watched every episode bar two and I loved it. I hadn't thought about it this year though, I've been busy, I have other priorities, yet there it was and I happily sat down to watch.

As I watched it struck me, I remembered why I loved it so much last year. People so passionately and unapologetically following their dreams, taking risks for their dreams.

They risk failure ..... ridicule .... rejection .... disappointment .... jobs.... and any number of other things.

They sacrifice their time and they finally admit to the size of their dream.

They pour themselves into it with no guarantees.

No guarantees of success or acceptance or praise.

They take a risk.

They decide, they choose to put it all on the line and dive into their dream, to bare their hearts and souls, to stand in raw honesty and own their dream, to do what they can, to make sacrifices, to commit and to risk.

This is what attracts me, this is what I love, this is what draws me in. I think we can all learn from their attitudes, their decisions, their passion, their sacrifices.

It is a lot like life, just under the microscope of reality TV!!

For many the risk paid off, at least for now and for others they stumbled and they fell and they 'failed' in that moment.

As I watched this I saw and felt the pain, the disappointment, the sadness.

Yet I also saw them get back up.

I watched them decide.

I watched them choose to not give up, to recommit, to try again, to learn some more, to try a different path.


Because their dream is worth it, their dream is big enough and powerful enough and they can't imagine giving it up.

The hurdles hurt, the rejection hurts but the pain of giving up their dream, of never knowing is far greater. Their dream is part of them, part of who they are, their dream is also their joy.

So they decide again, they choose again.

Will the commitment ever pay off?

Will their dream ever come true?

I know they ask this, of themselves and probably of others and no one has the answer but they know it is worth trying, they know they have to try and while they may not know this yet the reality is even if their dream never materialises how they see it now they will benefit from the journey, they will be a better person for trying. Their dream will change them for the better and help create the person they were always meant to be.

Authentic, heart felt, soul known dreams do that. Who you become in the pursuit of them is a gift in its self.

These people take a risk.

They may fail, they may fly, there are no guarantees.

Yet they give it their all.

They pour their heart and soul into the process.

They honour their dream, they honour their inner voice, their inner knowing.

In that moment, that moment we might call failure, or rejection they make a choice. They ask themselves "will I allow this decision define me?" It is in this moment that real choices are made.

"Will my dream still guide me or will my failure define me?" In the answer to these questions lays their future.

They take a moment, they feel the pain, the disappointment, you see it in their eyes and then you also see a spark, they wont be beaten, they feel something else, they feel the pull of their dream, the desire, the passion, the hope rise again.

None of that has died and they bravely turn to it once more.

They dust themselves off.

They stand tall.

And they come back.

Stronger, wiser, clearer.

Each 'failure' helps them, they grow, they learn and they try .... and then they try again. They know where they are going they just aren't sure how, or when but they know they will keep going.

The failure helps them and rather than turning from their dream they clarify it and fight a little bit harder.

They feel the pain, the shame, the disappointment but they don't allow those emotions to define them, to stop them, to trap them.

They learn.

They grow.

And they try again and sometimes again and sometimes again if needed.

They tweak, they change, they even rest but they don't quit.

The most successful in the world have faced failure. They've hurt. They've doubted. They've cried and yelled and stomped their feet and then they have stood again, embraced the dream, and tried once more.

They acknowledge their desire.

They own it.

They feel it.

They welcome it.

And then they try and try and try and try until....

Dreams take time, they take work, they take commitment.

It doesn't have to be 'hard' but it is uncertain and it requires you to show up, be honest and take some action.

Love yourself enough.

Trust yourself enough.

Dream big.

Dream small.

Dream often.

Commit to you.

Commit to your dream.

Decide to act.

And do it until.

Until the dream is achieved or it changes in your heart.

Give yourself to your goals, your dreams, your desires.

Those dreams might be to own the world or to feel happier every day, the dream doesn't matter, the size doesn't matter it just matters it is yours!!

Dream ..... take a risk ..... dream big, dream small, dream your way, just dream.

Imagine the possibilities!!!!!

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