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    29 de noviembre de 2018
    All I want is peace!! Do you want peace? Do you want to feel at peace? Are you are tired of the chaos and just want to feel that gentle peacefulness you hear others talk about? This can be a fabulous goal. It can lead to fulfilment and joy and even purpose. But what does peace mean? How does...
    13 de octubre de 2018
    What do you do if you are happy for someone but if you are honest a little bit jealous as well. DO you beat yourself up about it? Do you wish them badly? Even secretly? Do you resent them? Do you avoid them or judge their achievement? Here is the thing. You are probably judging yourself for...
    15 de septiembre de 2018
    I have been working with intentions. I meditate each morning and set my intention for the day. This morning was no different except I had spent a bit more time deciding on my intention. I really wanted to work on this area of my life. I have felt unproductive this last week and today I really...
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