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    Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Supporter and Writer - Creator of Jodi Reeves Life, Get to Know Yourself, Money Conversations, Change through Conversations and Unleash Your Happiness



    Welcome to my world, my passion, 'Jodi Reeves Life'. I am often asked to describe myself or what I do and here is the best description I have come up with so far.


    I am a student of life whose purpose is to use my experience to help others reconnect with their joy and build their inquisitive, limitless spirit. My desire is that we look at life as an adventure, not a trial, with authentic happiness as the reward. I believe life isn't just about 'finding your purpose' life is the purpose!! By living life and experiencing life you are on your path of purpose.


    I am a universal light and a grounded being.
    I am a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter.
    I am a survivor and a victim.
    I am a truth teller and a reality shaper.
    I am a coach, a cheerleader, a player and a spectator.
    I am intuitive and perceptive.
    I am emotional and calm.
    I am confident and scared.
    I have learnt to trust my amazing, unique and undefinable skills.

    I am it all, I trust and I doubt, I find joy in the moments and I am learning to face fear.

    I am a contradiction and a perfect balance.

    I am a bridge between the physical state of being and spiritual knowing.

    I am fascinated by energy and its power.

    I am a sharer and if you choose I share all of this with you on my website, on my Facebook page and through my blogs, courses, seminars, products and books, I share it all to help start you on your miraculous journey to authenticity.


    I was recently told my gift is wisdom.

    That I have an undying connection to the Wisdom of the Ages. Genetically passed to me through generations of strong healing Goddesses, I have access to divine truths.


    This is what it feels like. I am often not sure of where my 'wisdom' comes from, it just comes through me. Wisdom cannot be learned it must be allowed and I love nothing more than allowing, trusting and sharing that wisdom.


    I believe passionately that the connection we have with self is sacred and that the relationship we build and nurture with ourselves is the most powerful relationship in our lives. I also believe that many of us have neglected that relationship and in doing that we have lost sight of who we really are, we are disconnected from self. This connection is vital in order for us to live a purposeful, fulfilled and happy life. One of my greatest joys is helping and supporting individuals to get to know themselves again, to trust themselves and to fall in love with the amazing, unique individual they are.


    I am so grateful for your presence here, I don't believe you are here by accident, you are here because you are ready.

    Ready to get to know you

    To embrace you

    To be you

    Because YOU are worth it!!!


    I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.


    Much love

    J xxxx

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