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    Jodi Reeves Life - Intuitive Coaching and Support

    Inspiring you to be YOU - The best you possible

    My passion is supporting you to rediscover and value you, to help you as you discover your path or purpose and to be the sound of clarity we all need to move forward.


    I am passionate about walking with you while you rediscover the real, authentic you, the perfect unique YOU!! Together we rebuild your connection to self.


    Know you

    Be you

    Love you

    Live Life Fulfilled


    I am sure I have a service to suit you and your budget. Email me at jodireeves@bigpond.com or message me on Facebook Jodi Reeves

    Life Mastery Group Membership


    A safe and sacred group where we grow, connect, learn, inspire and awaken together. A supportive space facilitated by Jodi Reeves an Intuitive Spiritual and Transformational Coach passionate about developing, honouring and nurturing the connection you have with self and the scared relationship you have with YOU!! Jodi is a committed, authentic and caring individual who walks with you while you discover who you really are. She asks the powerful questions and helps you understand the unique power and knowledge you already have within you!! She sees you before you can quite see yourself.

    This group is run in a private Facebook group with regular activities and lifestreams and further supported with zoom calls where you can interact more easily.

    As soon as you join Jodi will join you into the Facebook group, make sure you include your email address in your Paypal payment details.

    Life Mastery Group Membership + Monthly One one One Session

    $137/month - membership to the Life Mastery Group with personalised support in a monthly one on one coaching sessions via zoom.

    All the benefits of the private Facebook group with the added benefit of a 45 minute monthly personalised one on one session with Intuitive Spiritual & Transformational Coach, Jodi. This session is entirely about you!!

    Your one on one can take the form of a guided conversation or coaching call. You can uncover your true desires, set and reassess goals, use Jodi as a neutral sounding board. Whatever you need to support your own growth and development. Jodi's only interest is in uncovering and supporting the real you!

    Once you join Jodi will contact you to book the first one on one session, make sure you include your email in your Paypal payment details.

    Intuitive Mentoring Session

    $127 /1 hour one on one session via zoom

    Intuitive Mentoring sessions are powerful sessions which are unique to each individual.

    These sessions are often described as intuitive conversations. Conversations between Jodi's higher self, yours and the universe.

    If you are feeling lost and don't know which way to turn, if you feel held back by your past or your beliefs then intuitive mentoring is for you.

    If you need someone to run your ideas by and gain clarity around your own thoughts these sessions are perfect.

    If you are ready to create a new life but have no idea where to start then this session is for you!!

    Jodi uniquely combines her Life Coaching skills and her own intuition to gently guide you.

    You will be amazed by how much can be covered in a one hour session.

    Intuitive Mentoring Session

    $97/45 minute one on one session via zoom

    45 minute mentoring session is an option for those wishing to try this service.

    A little shorter than the hour but still powerful, the process is the same.

    If you are curious about Jodi and what she does or if she could help you this might be the place to start.

    Intuitive Mentoring - 10 Week Package

    This package is coming soon

    This powerful package will be released very soon.


    10, 45 minute one on one sessions wiht messenger support in between. This will definitely shift you to a new level. In the 10 week we delve deeply into you!!


    If you can't wait for the offical release or want to ensure you don't miss out on the introductory special which will be EPIC email Jodi now.



    SAFE Work

    $57 - 1/2 hour energy session

    This session is like nothing you have ever experienced before.


    During this process Jodi takes you on a journey. It is a journey within. A journey to the core of your feminine energy. This energy is waiting for you to acknowledge, embrace and integrate with it.

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